This article aims to give all property owners a comprehensive checklist to do before planning to get their roof replaced. Keep on reading to know more about this checklist and to discuss the reasons why you have to get ready for your upcoming roofing Everett WA project: 

Complete Guide to Roof Installation and Local Roofers.

Turn off your sprinkler system 

Make sure to check your sprinkler system and turn it off always because you do not want to shower your roofing contractors or get your roofing supplies wet.  

Move out landscape lighting, bikes, garden pots, and outdoor furniture 

Reputable roofing contractors will be discarding old shingles away during the job, together with other debris items. You have to see to it that all of your valuable things outdoors like bikes, furniture, or anything else are at a safe distance until the project ends. The last thing you want from these things would be to become a tripping hazard for the workers or to get damaged throughout the project’s duration.  

Drive out cars from the driveway 

Your main priority is to give your roofing contractors your prime parking area. Your roofing contractors require to get easy access to their trucks and tools during the day. Moreover, they need you to make sure that your cars are at a safe distance from the proximity of your home until the roof work is done. Moreover, ensure to close your garage door while they are performing the construction to keep out debris and dust. Rest assured that your garage door will be protected with plywood throughout the project.  

Cut all the grass found all over your property 

Before your hired roofers can get to work, any tree limbs that hang low close to your roofing should be pruned. Moreover, roofers utilize vinyl tarps to make sure that the grass and plants within your home’s perimeter will be protected. Although you should trim your grass one day before the roof construction starts. Having short and trim grass will make any fallen debris a lot easier to see, which makes sweeping nails more thorough and faster.   

Cover or remove important items in your attic 

You need to make sure that your valuables are protected once the construction is being done on your property. On the reroofing process, expect a lot of roofers to walk on your roof and pound it using hammers. Small debris or dust will fall in the areas of your attic as they install a new roof as well. You can also cover your items with drop cloths or old sheets to keep them clean until the reroofing project is over. Get ready to perform some light vacuuming in these spots as well after the roofing construction is done.  

Prevent any child or pet to get inside the work zones 

Make sure to let the kids know that particular areas of your yard or home will be off-limits until the reroofing process is finished. Because pets and kids may not understand such risks, you can choose to visit friends or family while your roofers are replacing your roof with new ones.